Saturday, 13 October 2012

Please Prove You're not a Robot

I've been trying to - but for now anyway, I've given up. 

Granted I don't feel or appear very human most mornings. I blame it on a multitude of things from medication to reading until I fall asleep (then waking and reading more, falling asleep again and repeating this process umpteen times in one night )

But I thought that even I could prove what species I am or I'm not, to a laptop. Apparently not.

I'd just read a very good blog post by Sandra Patterson and was keen to respond with my comments. So I typed the paragraph into the comments box on Google Blogger and followed the instructions which were "Please type the two words".
I dutifully typed       02 mighta

Now, I know you think you are already onto this. I did too.
After all, anyone knows that that's not two words, but two numerals and a word. In fact it's not even a word technically, but let's not go there just now.

So I then typed in mighta on it's own. Maybe the trick of proving you're not a robot is to be able to distinguish between letters and numerals. But no. I then was asked to type in 
Ortiesque 159. I did. Firstly as it is here, then Ortiesque one five nine then Ortiesque one hundred and fifty nine (I know that's not two words either, but what would you 
do ?)

By now I was more than a little disgruntled, especially as when the next 'two words' came up  asked1, my original comment had disappeared so I had to write that in again. 

Even more strangely, the numbers were now showing on different door signs, with the 'word' pictured separately.

What's going on here ?
Who's making up these weird words and taking photos of obscure door signs ?

Now here comes the weirdest thing.
I realised that there is no way on this earth that I was ever going to get these "words" to be accepted by the programme, I tried the little box with an audio picture on it. Click on here and ... well what would you expect ?

I expected a sort of cross between an RP English voice and an English/American voice announcing the words that I have so hopelessly tried to submit.
What I got sounded like someone creating the voice of a typically stereotyped alien , or dare I say it ... a robot !  I was more than a little unnerved about this but now think there are 2 possibilities of what's happening here :
1. My mind has inadvertently been taken over by an alien/robot.
2. I am one

This does not sound so extreme when you think that these word things are called "captchas"

Either way, I/we'll  keep in touch with this blog one way or another. 


Anonymous said...

Brenda, I can hardly ever get these Capcha things to work either. So I have decided to accept that I'm a robot and just get on with it....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the previous comment was by me, Robotie Warren. I mean Rosalie Warren...

Carolb said...

I've recently had a problem with some websites where I put in the captcha as it appears, but it keeps telling me it's wrong, after the fifth version and the same message, I give up- it obviously doesn't like me. :-)

Louise Wise said...

I hate Capcha! And the 'voice' is terrifying. I dare anyone to sit and listen to it in the dark!

If I'm asked for the 'words' I give it two goes. After that, I don't comment.

Sylvia van Bruggen said...

Oh gods, captcha's are such an annoyance, especially on blogger. I don't mind entering the original captcha's as I at least help with digitizing blogs. On blogger they have nonsense words I can hardly read most of the time, and the numbers are mostly unreadable, especially given the fact I do most of my blog reading on my iPhone :)

Maxi said...

Just had that very issue on a sewing blog I was reading. I understand why people have them - to an extent - but they have now got so unreadable with the fuzzy door signs in tiny, tiny pictures! I literally had my laptop up to my nose trying to read the flippin' thing! I would rather delete a few spam than put off genuine commenters by having these things.

Mark Syder said...

The really annoying thing is that there's no need for these difficult to read pictures. You can prevent robots from completing forms by using hidden fields (until the spammers find a way round that).

Lexia said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I really do feel a lot better now knowing that the reader's of this blog, firstly amount to more than one, and secondly that there are many of us who get agitated over the same things.
Keep strong people - together we can overcome this !