Sunday, 28 February 2010

"The Cult of Celebrity ..."

“The cult of celebrity is destroying today’s children…” says Sharon Osbourne, a woman who has spent years helping to create it.
Sharon’s life and career appears to have been created around attention seeking, traits which she has passed on to two of her children. Their appearances on television have shown their behaviour to be less than what the average parent would want for their children and yet they flaunt it at every opportunity.
She and her husband have encouraged their children in this “cult” so it’s a bit rich to announce that today’s children are being destroyed by it. None of us are perfect parents (if there is such a thing) and I put my hand up first to admit failures. But surely Sharon Osbourne’s comments can only be classed as hypocritical.

Of course she does have a new book coming out soon…..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tossers Ban on Running

Running in the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake race was banned by St Albans Council (Lib Dem – whether that’s significant or not) yesterday. This was on health and safety grounds on account of the road being wet and for fear of the “odd person” slipping and falling as has apparently happened in previous years.

In my home town “odd” people go slipping and sliding about all the time – mostly due to the pot holes in the roads and paths, the dog crap on the pavements and “green spaces” and the general unkemptness around public areas that we pay to be maintained out of our council taxes.
In fact you don’t really have to be odd. The odd ones are RMBC who don’t seem to feel that there is a problem or if they concede that there is, throw a bit of tarmac down which lasts till it rains again and spray the weeds at the edges of the paths about once a year.

Mind you, at least St Albans had the community spirit to organise what turned out to be a walking event with pancakes in pans, though some people are now banned for life from entering for breaking the walking rule. Council’s seem to do this – give you something with one hand and take it away with the other.
Been used before but can't resist saying....Tossers.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Always room for some poetry

A number of days (weeks, months ?) since I have had anything to say worth letting out of my mouth let alone put online. But as I have just been reading about the literally millions of people around the world who do a blog, I reckon no one's going to bother much about this, and after all this blog is supposed to be connected to www.write-place which is about...writing. I can't afford a therapist and the person who it is written for knows who he is.

Draw Me

Draw me a place where the sun shines all day
And the night is so warm we sleep under the sky.
Show me the warmth of the ground that we lie on
And people around us go just passing by.

Paint me a place where the air is so cold
that all water is frozen and snow falls soft to the ground.
Make it a dark sky with stars as our light
Make it as though the moon we have found.

Carve me a story that tells of us two
and only us two in a world of so much.
Cut into the wood as you cut into my soul
Turning the wood as I turn with your touch.

Sculpt me an island, a place of our own
with the beauty of animals, trees smelling sweet
Make it our place where people may visit
But mainly a place where your heart I can meet.