Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I have "Mummy Porn " on my Kindle !

Thought that might catch your eye.
But it's true. Seems I have had downloaded onto my Kindle for a number of weeks now "Mummy Porn"  and it has shocked me, for a few minute anyway. After all I am not only a mummy but a Grand mummy too.  I'd never heard of this genre of fiction until reading a BBC online article by Will Gompertz  Have to say I 'd never heard of him either until yesterday.
So, what is this pornographic material that I have not only downloaded but paid for as well ?
It's Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. 

Apparently, Fifty Shades of Grey sold 205, 130 paperback copies in the past week
The sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed sold 132, 174 and 115,086 copies. 
That's more than on next 50 bestselling paperback novels.

Now I do appreciate that by writing about this 'phenomenon' (as I have now heard it called)  that I am giving free promotion to the author and as this blog is read by millions I am sure sales will increase dramatically (!) too. Well good luck to EL James. Maybe one day she will blog about something that I have written, even if it's only on what I have written about her books.

For my bedtime reading last night I put Stuart Ayris and Vivien Hampshire to one side and began to read Fifty Shades of Grey, which I honestly knew nothing about. I'm not sure who recommended it or why I downloaded it and don't know what I was expecting porn-wise. But after the first 3 chapters I was bored with the repeatative descriptions of  "cold white sandstone and glass"  and "cold steel and marble" which seemed to be applied to every thing from the entrance lobbies of  hotels and offices, to the body language of  the main character and his many receptionists. The asides of the character of the story to herself , in italics, also got rather annoying - "Damn that woman" "Damn that man"  "Damn that elevator"  "Damn this feeling" ...  

It's probably a sign that I am well passed the middle aged woman who is titillated by "racy writing" stage. Or maybe it's just not my style of reading.

Either way, the FSG trilogy is going into my Kindle archives, unfinished.

Don't suppose it will affect my reading habits in any way except for being more careful what I download as so called 'recommendations'.