Monday, 6 July 2009

Town Clerk Post advertised at last !

We have waited 12 months here in Maltby to have the post of Town Clerk advertised, after the resignation of the former clerk, Mr David Morton.

The ex clerk has been paid off and been given an apology from MTC (not sure about what) one day and then the next day the vacant post is finally advertised . There is a "gagging order" on the "undisclosed amount" that Mr Morton has received - well, at least as I write , but who knows what can change !

The job is currently only advertised in 2 places - on an A4 sheet at the Maltby Town Council office (of which only the brave and bold dare enter) and on the "new" MTC website. As the closing date is 31st July, which is quite short and the advertising VERY sparse, this does not appear to give a range of people the opportunity to apply. Surely this could not be the intention of MTC.

For the full job description, application form and covering letter (from the self appointed voluntary, "acting financial officer", not the Chairperson) details, see

To recieve an application form...hopefully before the closing date, email

Good luck !

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