Thursday, 21 May 2015

You View, He Views, She Views, They View - but I don't View

I've had an intense  (and tense) relationship with BT  - formerly known as British Telecommunications - recently. 

I have my phone line, broadband - which is working fine at the moment touch wood - and You View TV with them. The TV package was "sold" to me a good while ago, on a day when I had persuaded myself that £7 a month for a service which not only gives you lots of  TV channels and "Catch Up" but also has the magical ability of recording live television while you go and make a cup of tea and can play it back without you missing any of the "live" bits.

Now, I've never been a particularly logical thinker, or technological master. I mean, the remote control itself is a mystery to me apart from the on/off button. My son and son in law will tell you with glee about the time I couldn't get the television in the bedroom to work, only to be told that this was because I had the aerial plugged into the power socket of the freeview box. Pause for general mirth, here.
Maybe it's me and televisions that don't see eye to eye, but I didn't seem to have a problem when there were only 3 or 4 channels available. Perhaps it was the introduction of Channel 5 that threw me completely. 

Anyway, back to the You View box.

I've not got around to recording anything on it and don't know how to even if I did. My main viewing is the news and the only thing the service was really used for was for the grandrd
I did tell BT that on reflection I wasn't bothered about the service for £7 so they lowered it to £2 and added Sport !  I can't

Then, over the past few months the service decided to only work when it felt like it.
I've not been that bothered about watching anything on the downstairs telly of course, it's the fact that I can't  that irritates me . 
Which probably shows what a spoilt, impatient person I am.

So, for your amusement and while I await the engineer's visit between 12 and 3 today, here is the online conversation with a very nice chap from BT yesterday.

"Please cancel my You View TV and refund last 3 months payments. I am tired of it not working and have already had a replacement box. The day an engineer was booked it miraculously worked - for that day only. AJAY KHARWAR: Hello. I'm AJAY KHARWAR. Thanks for that information, I'll check it and get back to you in a moment. Brenda Gunning: ok thanks AJAY KHARWAR: Hello Brenda,  Good Morning AJAY KHARWAR:  Ok. I'll quickly go ahead and check it for you , Your issue is my Responsibility. Brenda Gunning: ok AJAY KHARWAR: Brenda, May I know what is the problem you are facing at the moment. I can try to get it fix for you. Brenda Gunning: I am sick of trying to get the same problem fixed. I spend half my life resetting the box and unplugging leads ! Brenda Gunning: I dont want it anymore. I may as well just have a Freeview box AJAY KHARWAR: I do apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. I understand even after the Engineer visit you are having the same problem. But what is happening now on your TV. Brenda Gunning: it just gets as far as "Nearly Ready"  then stays there AJAY KHARWAR: Ok. And as I can check my records even before you were having the same issue. Brenda Gunning: yep ! Brenda Gunning: I dont even use the facilities on it like record etc AJAY KHARWAR: Give me a moment Brenda, While I check what best I can do for you now. Brenda Gunning: My broadband is working fine at the moment - so please dont mess it up ! :) AJAY KHARWAR: Brenda, But did the Engineer came at your property or you have cancelled the appointment ? Brenda Gunning: I cancelled it before he came because it was working on that day !! The next day it wasn't working again AJAY KHARWAR: OK. Give me a moment. AJAY KHARWAR: Brenda, As it is not working now I can sent out an Engineer to come at your property to get it fix for you. Brenda Gunning: I told you I dont want it anymore. Waiting for engineers and talking to  BT every day is not my top priority in life ! AJAY KHARWAR: I understand your concern but to get it fix I need to sent out an Engineer Brenda Gunning: I DONT WANT IT !  I am unplugging it right now. I am not wasting anymore time waiting for engineers AJAY KHARWAR: So Brenda, What you want now me to do. Brenda Gunning: I told you at beginning.Cancel  You View and refund me lat 3 months payments AJAY KHARWAR: Brenda, It wont be possible for me to cancel the your TV Service as I'm from Technical Team. 
To get it cancel need to speak with Customer Options Team. 
If you want I can get you connected right now or else I can give you direct number
Brenda Gunning: Connect me now then please AJAY KHARWAR: OK. AJAY KHARWAR: They are not available on Chat. I need to call you and then transfer your call to that team. AJAY KHARWAR: Give me a number on which I can call you . Brenda Gunning: oh ok AJAY KHARWAR: Brenda, Now you have been connected to Customer Options Team. Please disconnected the Chat now. AJAY KHARWAR: Hello Brenda, Please let me know if you need any other help, or else I need to disconnect the Chat if I dont hear from you in next two minutes. "

The Customer Options person told me that it would cost £20 to cancel the You View and as I am only paying £2 per month for it now I might as well keep it until renewal date in 6 months time.  Ajay phoned me and arranged for another engineer to call today. 

Maybe I will be watching will You View tonight - or not :) 

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