Thursday, 2 September 2010

Plain and simple for me

An online friend has blogged about changing the coffee that she usually drinks and the place that she drinks it. She feels like she has cheated 
Good luck to her, I say. Change the place you drink your coffee every day and tell me when you find somewhere that serves coffee - just that ... plain and simple coffee. I know I'm speaking in the vein of the "grumpy old women" here but it is a fact of life that you can not go into a cafe these days, ask for a cup of coffee and get it without a barrage of questions about the type you want. I can handle Cappucino and Espresso and Latte. I think I even know what an Americano is. But when they start on Doppio and Macchiato and Frappe then my mind wanders. They even seem to have little biscuits that go with the coffee that you are having. They ought to have a list of what goes with what because I like those stick ones with the chocolate inside but am not so keen on the wafery ones. 
Then they ask you what size cup you want. This can vary from a glass the size of an egg cup to an extra large soup bowl with the diameter of a car wheel so that the coffee's cold before you can lift the cup to your mouth. 
And regular always used to mean normal or usual or often. Now it means small - only the small that I think of must be called miniscule as regular always seems too large to be small.
Am off to put the kettle on to make a cup of tea. Ringtons actually.