Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tuned In

A short stay in hospital last week made me “Media Free” for a few days – physically and mentally as well as practically – so I feel like I am on catch up with life. I have no chance (or need) of being completely up to date with International or national events, though I try, to a certain extent.

Things are happening, both natural and man-made, around us and across the world that are having and will have a major impact on our lives and on our children’s lives an it is not alarmist to be aware of this.

I have read that there is no more “bad news” than there ever was, in proportion with the population. There aren’t any more murders, rapes and robberies than in times gone by and it only appears to be so because of our access to so much information, instantly. Earthquakes, tsunamis, wars and unrest have been going on since time began but now we document so much evidence, as it is happening. We watch unfolding events thousands of miles away from us, without moving an inch from the armchair. Detailed information on every aspect of every event is relayed to us at such speed via internet, satellite and mobile phones that papers have missed the ever breaking news as soon as they go to press.

I often bemoan the fact that I am on information overload and that the amount of networking and communicating I do isn’t necessary. But it is after all, a choice. We can either read, watch and listen or stay untuned to the events in the world that we think don’t concern us.

I prefer to stay tuned in.

Much of what is happening especially worldwide, is beyond the control of individuals, but “every little helps” as it’s said. The more information I have about others’ lives, the more I appreciate my own. Globalisation is here and global knowledge is life enhancing for us all, whether we realise it or not at the time.

In this, no amount of information can be too much.