Wednesday, 5 August 2009

GPs earn £300,000 a year

In 2004, this incompetent Government introduced a new GP's contract which increased the pay of the doctors but also took away a lot of the services, like weekend working, and evening surgeries. The ususal mismanagement in the civil service in their financial administration showed another waste of tax payers money.
Now it's been reported that the situation may be even worse than we thought. Some family doctors are now earning £300,000 or more. Am not sure if any Maltby GP's earn anywhere near this amount - I guess if they did they might be living somewhere different to Maltby - but it seems a bit excessive considering the hours they work for their local patients.

I do not begrudge anyone in the NHS their hard earned pay. I know that especially in hospitals, doctors (usually junior ones) work ridiculous numbers of hours which is both immoral and dangerous. But wouldn't it be better to have the old system of your own GP comes to visit you "out of hours" and gets his extra pay that way, rather than having visits from locums who often travel miles to see a patient that they have never met before and no none of thir medical history?Most private sector workers across Britain are facing longer hours and smaller salaries so should GP's be different?

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