Saturday, 12 July 2008

A bean's a bean and all that...

Heinz have announced that their baked beans are not going to be called "baked" beans anymore - just beans. (In fact in Heinz case, beanz, as it has been for a while now)

Well, I suppose we can cope with that, those of us who have grown up with using the term "baked beans" and associating tins of Heinz legumes with the baked and in tomato sauce variety. In fact the beans are boiled in the sauce rather than baked anyway.
But what of the next generation? Or newcomers to the country ? How will we then distinguish between the formerly called baked bean (haricot) and the broad bean or green bean, or the fava bean or red kidney bean, not to mention the more exotic berlotti or the plain old butter bean ?Now I don't suppose it would be a major problem in you put runner beans into your stew instead of broad beans - but what of coffee beans and cocoa beans?

Am I worrying unnecessarily ?

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