Monday, 18 January 2010

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" of interest to all those actively engaged in or interested in practical politics in the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham."

Very concerning post about a Mr Caven Vines of Kimberworth who is a UKIP candidate for the next elections and has some very alarming views. Then there's Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who leads UKIP's 13 MEPs in Brussels, who wants to ban the wearing of the burkha in Britain (here we go on this one again !)

My comments on this below :

SCARY !! (I counted 56 mistakes in the post by the way taking into account grammar,spelling and punctuation - but perhaps this is a little harsh as maybe the erratic capital letters are for effect)This man's views are very worrying and as you say, clearly will alienate much of Rotherham's electorate. It doesn't take much brain to see that Mr Vines is inciting hatred himself - though he must believe that he is being "fair".I imagine that even the BNP would be a little concerned if he was campaigning for them with this garbage.God help Rotherham ... and Happy New Year to EVERYONE, whether you are fighting elections or just wanting the best for our town and people.
17 January 2010 11:20

Re: Stop Press

Nigel Farage says that the burkha is a symbol of an "increasingly divided Britain". Maybe. Therefore lose Mr Vines and UKIP will already be on the way to losing some divisive "thinking" (I use the word loosely)
Perhaos UKIP could follow Nicolas Sarkozy's line that the wearing of the burkha is "not welcome" in France but he is not going to ban it. In other words he will sit on the fence as there is no clear cut solution to this issue.
I wait with bated breath to hear what Lord Pearson's legal advice about this situation is, when he gets it.