Monday, 20 August 2012

The Beauty of a Staycation

It's one of those words that stick in my mind and I keep using despite being determined not to.
 Like "Glamping", I find this word cropping up in my limited vocabulary time and again over the past few weeks : Staycation - having a holiday without going "abroad ".

I've reached that time in life when I can honestly say that I have been there done that and even bought the t shirts as far as holidaying abroad goes, though obviously there are thousands of places that I haven't visited but would like to. One day maybe, but not this year or next ...  

It's a bit of a cliche to say that you don't realise how beautiful the place you are in is, until someone else tells you, but as much of my life tends to be a cliche, I am allowed to say it. And it is true. This photograph taken of the view from my window this morning is enough for me to never want to consider abroad ever again. 

I'm not saying where my staycation is, but I might just stay here for ever ! Then I will have to invent a new word for my position.
Permacation doesn't sound quite right but I'll think of something while I enjoy the scenery and the peace and quiet.