Thursday, 15 December 2011

Poetry 'n Motion

In case anyone missed it on Tuesday 29th November via almost every social networking site available  -
I  won a competition.
At risk of being repeatetive, the competition involved Vintage Inns, Sir Andrew Motion as judge, and one line of poetry.
I have graciously accepted and enjoyed the dining out part of the prize (at the Boat Inn, Sprotbrough) and am now waiting for the other parts - a framed copy of the poem and a signed copy of Andrew Motion's latest collection of poems "The Cinder Path".

Now, I have to admit that apart from knowing he was poet laureate at some time in the past, that was about all I knew of Andrew Motion. My main studying time of poetry was, of  course, before the days of Google at the sweep of a thumb and the click of a button. That's my excuse anyway, but I did feel obliged to read up a bit about the man responsible for my latest 'literary prize'. As coincidence/luck/fate or whatever would have it, a few days after the competition I came across Andrew Motion's 'In the Blood - A memoir of my childhood', in Poundland. Always one to splash out, I bought it without hesitation ... and am glad I did. The story is a detailed and beautifully written account of his family and the countryside he grew up in and a tribute to his mother.
And so I am inspired yet again to record my own musings and memories. If I make it to the shelves of the pound shop, I will be in eminent company and more than pleased.

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