Monday, 28 November 2011

'Mega Monday' is here !

I'm not one for quoting statistics, mainly because my memory is so bad I forget the figures in between reading them and writing them down. But I thought a few numbers might wake me up a bit this morning, so sit up and pay attention !

Today is "Mega Monday"  according to the media  and estimates are that there will 3,300 purchases a minute online.
High street shops are struggling with sales down by 2.1%
25% of all our Christmas shopping will be online up 16% from last year
12% of online sales will be made on a smartphone
1 in 3, that's 11 million will use the computer at work to online shop.

Does this mean we prefer shopping online to going to the shops ? Not really, is the apparent response - it depends who we are and where we are and what mood we are in that day.

This sounds about right to me. I went shopping on Saturday and am still feeling that if the only shop I walk into again is our corner shop, then that's fine by me.
I'll probably feel differently on another day but for now I'll stick to browsing online.
But not today.
I don't want to cause internet chaos by taking 3 hours to decide whether to buy an individual Christmas pudding or a large one that can sit in the cupboard till next year as no one here likes it except me ... ...

Happy shopping !