Sunday, 2 December 2012

My entry (and winner of November's (24 lines) Here in the place where our story began Walk down the road to the house we once knew Hold onto my hand as we pass by the stream Keep to the path where the children once ran Take the latch from the old gate and let it swing free Follow the trail of the borders of green Take from your pocket the key made of brass Unlock the door to the essence of me Step into the space that was known as the hall Turn to the stairs which will lead to our room Pause at the fifth, even sit where I sat while I waited and listened and longed for your call Climb to the landing that's carpeted gray Look through the window, remember the view Reach for the handle, turn it sharp to the right Open the door to the room where we lay Lie on the bed with your face to the sun Feel the smooth warmth of the blanket and sheets Place your hand on your heart and imagine it’s mine Prove to yourself that the future’s begun Hope what you have are the things that you sought Cry as I do for the time that has passed Know that you've left this dark space in my soul Hollowed and empty, devoid of all thought.

Mindfulness - the New Capitalist Spirituality ?

Since coming across this article in   The Guardian's "Long Read"  my mind has  been full of the issues it raises- so to spe...