Sunday, 7 September 2008

Birth Day

It may be stating the obvious, but there’s nothing more natural than giving birth. The process of reproduction in living things has gone on for a very long time – whether we believe in evolution or creation theory, it’s still many years. The act of giving birth is as much a part of life as the need for air, food or water, yet it remains one of the most fascinating and marvellous happenings imaginable. It is also one of the most physically painful yet emotionally fulfilling experiences that we, as humans have (I cannot comment on the emotional aspects of animals, having never been one)

I have still not quite worked out, even after half a century, why it is so physically painful (perhaps someone could enlighten me) and have had various theories of my own as to possible answers. Maybe it is so that we appreciate life itself more, knowing that it is a struggle for mother and child to come into the world or maybe it’s natures way of limiting the population….
Anyway, it hurts ! And it does not become easier after the first time, as many things do, we just have to take pot luck it seems with how much pain our “about to be born” is going to give us. As a mother, it does not become easier either, when it is not you yourself giving birth anymore, but your children. In fact, in a way, it becomes harder. We don’t feel the same that our daughter is feeling, of course, but we do feel a helplessness that translates into pain at the knowledge of hers.
And when the child is born, the indescribable love that is felt by the parent is also felt by the grandparent, in double proportions as it seems to me. The children of my children are as precious to me as they are to their parents and I am proud and awed twice over at the marvel of life. I am sure that I am not alone in these emotions.

To all new borns, welcome to this world. To their parents, congratulations - and best wishes for the future with your little miracle.

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