Sunday, 14 June 2015

Can We Tell What He Is Yet ?

It's difficult - nay, impossible - to comment about some one and their actions without mentioning their name.

In most situations, whether celebratory or distasteful, it is my belief that to name the subject and also provide a picture of that person is both necessary and useful (unless of course by doing so an innocent person is upset or potentially harmed by doing so)

In this case, the person I am talking about is the convicted paedophile and  so - called "celebrity" currently serving a prison sentence for his crimes - Rolf Harris.

There,  I have written his name once but do not intend to repeat it here or post a photograph. My reason for this is that whilst in no way am I personally involved, I feel let down, tricked and disgusted by this man, as do many of my generation and later generations and do not wish to promote him in any way.

In 1968, when I was 10/11 years old I went to the Sunderland Empire with my older sister to watch a show by this man, an artist, singer, dancer, comedian, musician and all round "entertainer", +especially where children were concerned.  I remember clearly his impressive painting on stage of "Sun Arise" and the accompanying song with digeridoo.
The  haunting song"Two Little Boys"  was sung along with a poignant story about where he had first heard it. I was mesmerised and bought the single of it for 6/6  (6 shillings and sixpence) as soon as I could and played it over and over on the record player.

I watched him on the  TV  Palladium shows and later on his children's shows. Later still with my own children, we watched Cartoon Club and Animal Hospital. This man seemed truly genius and one with an open and honest heart for everyone.
When all the allegations came to light and turned out to be true, it was difficult to believe. Abuse against girls as young as seven seems incredulous. How could this be right after all these years of supposedly good work and entertainment? There must have been some mistake, surely. But there was no mistake and now while he is in prison, it appears that he shows no remorse whatsoever and has sent a letter to a friend detailing a song he has written, castigating his victims even more which he says he will record "the moment I get out", "towards the end of 2017".

He obviously thinks his release is not in question and even tells of how his time in Stafford prison is "no hardship"  and that he is basically "doing what he wants".

How very sad that this is the society that we live in and that such people live amongst us. Another memory from childhood that shows how easily we can be duped by those whose influences seem to make them exempt from retribution.

The full story can be read  Here