Thursday, 3 March 2011

Creative Cafe Project - Cafe Lit

May I  introduce to readers of this blog ...   The Creative Cafe Project                           

the idea of Gill James, children's writer and university lecturer. The Creative Cafe is a network of cafés where artists,  writers and musicians are welcome and where ordinary coffee lovers know that they will be able to experience something a little different as they sip their brew. It is already happening  in a number of towns and aims to create and expand Creative Cafés nationally. A perfect way to develop arts in the community, no matter how big or small the venture becomes.

Please take a look  here  and also at 

I challenge anyone who enjoys music, poetry, literature and art NOT to be inspired by this "vision". 
Is there a Creative Cafe near you ? There isn't one very near to me  - but hopefully there soon will be.