Sunday, 13 July 2008

Shock the criminals - improve society ?

The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, (remember, she’s the one who claims that crime is not increasing and who wore the bullet proof vest to take a stroll around the streets – see my blog 3rd July “Walk on By” ) is making some plans again.
She is planning to “shock young people who carry knives into a greater awareness of the impact of stabbing on victims” BBC News today.

These plans include visits to hospitals where people are being treated for knife wounds.
Now, call me too sensitive, but the last person that I would want to see when I am laid in my hospital bed trying to recover physically and mentally from a criminal, violent act committed on an innocent person, is a person who has committed a crime of this nature. I am 100% certain that the only shock factor would be on MY part.

As most people who know me (and many who don't) are aware, I and my family have been victims of knife crime (I was lucky to not have the knife actually used on me, just a fist) I don’t want to dwell on this or keep reverting to it actually – it has a profound effect on my mental state (and that of my husband who still feels responsible, but was not as he was powerless in the eyes of the law) to think or write about this. But to hear of plans by the government such as this, adds insult to injury (which is the most apt phrase ever invented for this!)

I am not sure what the solution to the situation that we have in Britain now is - it is a case of deep seated dissatisfaction with something, and a more deeply rooted change in morals and culture that can not be easily rectified.
Having a curfew on all youths, and taking criminals on a stroll around hospitals and prisons, is surely not the answer.

What do we do? Please comment on this, give your views and your possible ideas for solutions. Something that improves this society has to be done - now.

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