Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Twelve Years On - When Will We Ever Learn ?

Today, 11th September 2013 is the 12th anniversary of the attacks on USA that killed almost 3,000.

I would not dream of making a comment on how the family and friends of those people felt then or feel now. No words could ever justifiably describe the horror and devastation. We remember that awful event swearing that we will never allow anything like that to happen again. Hundreds of  human beings obliterated forever and hundreds more injured and maimed.

We usually recall specific major terrible events by noting what we were doing at the time that we heard the announcement. For my generation that is often when President Kennedy was killed, when John Lennon was killed, when Diana (then Princess) was killed.  
My parents generation remember the announcement of the start of WW2 and also the ending. All these events involved the unnecessary deaths of ordinary people - yes of course, even the ending of a war, where we in Britain rejoiced, while others died in the most terrible circumstances.

And here we are in 2013.
Waiting and wondering whether United States will decide to drop bombs on Syria as 100,000 are killed in the army alone,100,000 civilians killed and no one really knows how many missing, in prison, kidnapped or dead. The death toll continues daily.

In the future, what will we remember we were doing on 11th September 2013 ? 

I will maybe remember that I was writing this blog and trying to come to terms with my inadequacies as an individual in a very big world of fear and hatred. Or maybe not.
In this global village that we supposedly inhabit our concerns for our neighbour are only really for our very close neighbour. 
And the rest of the world can get on with it themselves.