Wednesday, 29 April 2009

"Save Education in Maltby"

The main point of the meeting at the Wesley Centre, Maltby,last night 28th April and the leaflets that have been given out, was to highlight the fact that only STATUTORY CONSULTATION has been been done on the Maltby Schools issues, rather than the FULL PUBLIC CONSULTATION which RMBC policy advocates for such issues.

It was clear that there are numerous people who should have, but have not been consulted, very many of these parents.
It was unanimous that those attending the meeting felt that the consultation was greatly flawed and inadequate. (Perhaps unanimous is not the correct word as only about 4 or 5 people did NOT put their hands up to the question “who thinks the consultation was unsatisfactory?” and then the same 4 or 5 people did NOT put their hand up to the question “who thinks that the consultation was satisfactory”, obviously using their prerogative to disassociate themselves from an issue as and when they feel)

An email was read out from someone who had asked it to be read at the meeting, in support of an academy. It made the claim that anyone who does not agree with an academy for Maltby does not have the interests of our children’s education at heart. I have heard this view stated on at least 2 occasions over the past couple of months and am insulted and disgusted, as I am sure many others are, at this view.

Unfortunately the email was anonymous, so no one is able to take issue with the writer. Anonymous emails ? This is stooping very low to get one’s views across.

There was suggestions that all concerned are balloted for their views and that a further consultation period is insisted upon.
It was announced that the next step is for leaflets to be given out outside MCS today at 5.30 – all supporters welcome. A petition will be available to sign on Saturday 2nd May outside Tesco and the new Co-op in Maltby, and that there will be a further meeting next Tuesday, 5th May, Wesley Centre, Blyth Rd, Maltby at 7pm

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