Friday, 27 March 2015

Thanks for the poetry ...

I wasn't exactly inundated with poetry after my request on World Poetry Day, but I am grateful for those who found the time.

Here - published as promised and donation to Cancer Research UK made.

Strictly Drip-stand

Dancing with a drip-stand, it ‘aint easy,
its tubes and wires threaten to impede
attempts at forward motion; Bloody-minded
it has five wheels so thinks that it should lead.

It helps a lot if you pick the right tune
for your vaguely ballroom progress to the loo,
something like a graceful waltz or foxtrot
(a Charleston, jive or quickstep just won’t do).

There’s just one more thing that you should remember,
to avoid an unexpected tango dip,
don’t forget to take the damn thing’s plug out
before you set off upon your trip!

Samantha Newbury

Bramingham Woods – May

The tide of Spring has broken in the woods
and now the blackthorn drips with foaming spray.
Wide pools of bluebells lap the beeches’ roots;

Legacy of the wave that’s ebbed away.
The whisper of the new leaves in the breeze
reminds me of the quiet surf at play

and verdant scents, that tantalise and tease,
entreat like tiny ripples on the shore;
The wistful ache within my heart is eased

by diving in to wander and explore,
the limpid blue-green depths that lie within
whose dancing leaves and sunlight can restore,

just as saltwater gently soothes the skin,
my weary soul that’s Winter-worn so thin.

Samantha Newbury

Whilst in my daily boring strife

from unknown darkness you arrive

Obscure, Heinous and Brute

You try to usurp my own  life's fruit.

Fadel Abou El Ola

From My Always Beautiful Daughter

I shall probably be in major bother when Jane finds that I have posted what she has written here.
But her thoughts and words are too powerful for my eyes only, so here it is :

How Can I Be Beautiful ?

How can I be beautiful with this "Thing" inside me ?!
How can I be beautiful with this frumpy, short, boy hair ?
How can I be beautiful with these needle marks, holes and bruises ?
How can I be beautiful with these tired tear stained cheeks ?
How can I be beautiful when crying and feeling so weak?
How can I be beautiful when I'm so vulnerable and needy ?
How can I be beautiful with these poisons and toxins inside me ??!!!!!!

I am beautiful! ................
I am beautiful to my young boy who says I'm gonna be a princess in my new hair
I am beautiful to my husband who every day treats me so tenderly like a precious gem that mustn't break
I am beautiful to my parents who would literally die if they could to stop me being in any pain 
I am beautiful to my siblings who tell me they love me, cry with me, want to help me be strong
I am beautiful to my friends and colleagues who have showered me in flowers and gifts and say it's so quiet without me
Beauty ... they say it's in the eye of the beholder ....well ..... I think I have enough beauty for ME!

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