Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Well - One Word Challenge: Writers - Online

  Writers-Online  January 2012 prose winner -  "Shift"

The Well

 The sky is overcast with dark grey streaks signalling rain. She wishes she'd worn shoes instead of sandals that flap against her heels, flicking bits of loose Tarmac as she waits to cross the newly laid road.
Rush hour traffic buzzes past, exhaust fumes mingling with the oily smell of bitumen, catching her throat. Same walk to the same supermarket, same time, same route she's been taking for a number of years since her youngest started full time school.
She glances at her watch as she weaves between a van and a bus while the lights are on red. She's not late, yet.

A flash of sunlight illuminates the scene as the sounds around her change. Her feet feel encased. She looks down to see herself dressed in laced boots, thick wool stockings, a linen pinafore covering a rough dress.Water trickles over stones and a heavy leather bucket thuds against her as a boy hauls in the rope. A snuffling,steaming horse waits patiently, scraping it's hooves on the cobbles.

Then as suddenly, she is back in the present. A time shift that reverts in a moment but remains in memory.

The lights change to green. She continues her walk.

Click here to see the picture that inspired this flash fiction 

Every Picture Tells a Story - Remembering Maltby

Whether it's one of those coincidence things or just that sometimes things do work nicely together, it's good when it happens.

I am pleased to announce on this blog that Facebook page Remembering Maltby has to date 585 members in just over a week. I am more than a little overwhelmed with the interest in it and am looking forward to collating all the pictures and stories together to make an invaluable historical record, made by the community. Feedback about this has been amazing and there's some brilliant photographs, memories and stories being shared between 3 or 4 generations of Maltby people. Some are Maltby born and bred, some were born elsewhere but now call Maltby their home, some spent their childhood here but now live on the other side of the world. At the risk of sounding too sentimental, it really is wonderful to be part of this and I am very grateful for everyone's responses.

The other thing that I'm chuffed about is this ...
I am the winner of January's One Word Challenge prose competition on Writers-Online. Very pleased about this - though I don't relish the 'prize' which is to judge this month's competition. Not an easy task.
However, why I am really pleased is that I based my 200 words entry (on the word 'shift' on a picture that Stewart Platt has drawn from an old photograph of Maltby, which is now on the Remembering Maltby Facebook page. 

"The Well"  by Stewart Platt

Take a look at Remembering Maltby's Facebook page to compare with the actual photograph.

To read "The Well" by Brenda Gunning look at my next blogpost.

Enjoy ! 

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