Friday, 10 September 2010

Pyjamas are only jeans with patterns on

Where is the boundary line between what is classed as pyjamas and what are day clothes ? And, how do I decide at what time of day/night I should wear them?
This is my latest “dilemma” which brought about the statement from my friend which is the title here. It’s not that I am so clothes conscious that I am bothered whether my jeans look like pyjamas or my pj’s look like jeans though. It’s more the time of day of wearing either.

What time is it reasonable to put on your pyjamas ? In the winter time that’s easy – as soon as it starts to get dark, in my book it’s perfectly acceptable to get a nice warm bath and wear pyjamas till bedtime. Of course, I then have to contend with anyone who operates “normal” hours - deliveries, newspapers, leaflets etc (this is mainly because my gate is broken so when anyone tries to get in the garden I have to go out and make sure they are not flattened by it in the process of posting something)

Likewise in the morning. It’s ok to still be in pyjamas late in the morning as it’s fairly dark most of the day. But in Summer the pyjama thing becomes more of a problem for me as I feel positively slovenly when the sun is shining in and I am not dressed (I also feel slovenly when the sun shines in as it tends to show up all the dust and finger marks everywhere) As we know, it stays light quite late in Summer too, so it’s a bit of a nuisance hanging around waiting for the sun to go down completely before the comfy attire comes out. When I am ill, it’s not so much of a problem as I am feeling too bad to care about anything, but on the verge of recovering a little it’s not conducive to health to do all this clock and wardrobe watching.
So, it is 10.30am, the sun is shining a bit but there’s a lot of black cloud. I am feeling quite tired and I am wearing cotton checked “bottoms” and a tee shirt. That seems like a few good reasons to stay as I am until …er… later? I reckon so. Have a good day.