Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Empty Rooms

Not much topical, intellectual or discussable stuff in my mind at the moment (well, not that I can blog about anyway )so here's a piece to keep the blog on a "writing" theme. The title could be substituted for "Empty Brain" if wanted.Empty Rooms

In the silence of another sleepless night
with shadows from the moon’s pale light
Blues and blacks shine through the window pane
Like shadows calling out your name.

And did you ever know
That although you said that you would go
I never thought it would be so

I watch the moonlight in the place
where colours once bathed around your face
And fragrant flowers are in the air
The scent is here though you’re not there.

And I wonder if you know
That I never thought you’d go
But you did and I’m alone.

Morning goes with more regret
of the evening and memories I can't forget.
Empty rooms and I climb the stairs
where clothes lie draped on empty chairs.

And I wonder if you knew
how I always understood
that although you said you'd go
I never thought you would.