Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lost and Found

I thought I'd lost it forever. But today I have found it and the best thing about it is I can't remember writing a lot of it, so it's like reading something that someone else has written. And you know something -  I'm quite impressed.

What am I on about ? 5,200 and odd words of a novel I am writing that went AWOL about a year and a half ago. It wasn't actually the text that went absent, rather that compartment of my memory that was incorrectly labelled and badly filed. So it's been a bit exciting reading and editing my own stuff. It's also given me a boost to think that maybe there's all sorts of other literary masterpieces of mine hidden away on my computer's hard drive and probably on my own too. Thanks NaNo WriMo. I might not have got far with  a new novel, but I'm happy I found the old one.