Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Post

Watched The Grumpy Guide to Christmas last night - amusing, if not predictable.
All those so called celebs telling us how much they hate Christmas, but obviously revelling in the revenue that moaning about it brings by talking about it on TV. As Ozzy Osbourne said "When I was a practising alcoholic it was the best time of the year, but when you don't drink it's just another day".
They also talked about sending (or not sending) cards at Christmas and how you always get one from someone who you have never heard of. Me, cynical as ever, thought - that never really happens, it's just you have forgotten or something.
But, another one of those coincidences that aren't  really coincidences happened this morning.
I received a Christmas card through the post this morning... from someone I've never heard of. 
                                                                   Or maybe forgotten. 
I don't recognise the handwriting and I have scrutinised the postmark, which only tells me that it has gone through the Sheffield Mail Centre, yesterday.
So, to whoever sent the card, thankyou for thinking of me. I wish you best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, too. And I haven't really forgotten you, just your details are awaiting process somewhere in my memory.