Thursday, 20 January 2011

Reading for pleasure

A fellow blogger has been thinking about whether to persevere with reading books that she can't really get into, but feels that she needs a wider variety of reading to be a good writer.

I know what she means. 
There seems to be lots of books that I have thought I should read. Where this "should" has come from, I'm not sure. Probably recommendations from educationalists or literary reviewers and such like. Sometimes a friend or colleague has suggested I read a particular book and I have persevered even when the process has turned into a total chore.  1000 Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is an example. It has been on my bedside table for 6 years now and I have not managed to get past the first chapter. I ought to move it really as it does taunt me that it's a "classic" that I am unable to complete. 

But this is not a good way of choosing reading material. 
I know people who say they "don't like reading".  I can't understand that statement but I can understand not liking what you read and that is where Marquez and such fall short, for me. 

I am not at my best in the perseverance stakes with anything much at the moment but if I make reading a task then there's no hope at all. 

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