Thursday, 11 December 2008


Things are not good when I don't post blogs for days on end , then post a poem !! Well at least am in "thinking a bit" mode .


I watched them rub the twigs until a spark flicked into flame
And then they took the rock and carved the spear to hunt the game
A stone was fashioned in a round to move the carcass of the beast
While the fire burned on and all prepared to engage in the feast.
And the sun shone down.

I saw them take the branches from the trees and make them bend
to blast the sharpened sticks to wherever they could send
a message to another, that told them – “ keep away from here;
this territory’s ours and your presence is too near “
And the rain fell softly.

Still as I looked they turned their thoughts towards machines.
Their works became more powerful in their minds and in their dreams.
And the world was changing faster than each man would dare to think,
As they searched for more yet somehow moved away from a joining link.
And the wind blew cool.

For one observing from afar their achievements were astounding
It seemed that all was possible in this world that they were founding.
But in the midst of all this moving on the children still were crying
for a parent or a sibling who they could not keep from dying.
And the snow began to fall.

Then someone made a potion for use by those who became ill
And men were healing others with a needle or a pill.
Now it looked like immortality was something that was near,
as the people in authority could take away all fear.
And the darkness turned lighter.

But as I continued watching what seemed removal of all pain,
The miracle of this phenomena was turned on itself again.
And the chemistry that had been expert in the curing of the sick
was used to take away mans life like a cunning conjuring trick.
And the wind blew colder.

In horror now I looked upon the dead and on the maimed.
while man’s wars raged on inscrutably, and no one seemed ashamed
that what could have been a paradise, was turning into hell.
That man’s body, which once held a heart, had now become a shell.
And the ice chilled me.

I tried to turn away from this black nightmare that I saw
And I prayed that they’d go back to what they almost were before.
In the beginning, at the start, when all was possible and clean.
But the end was now much nearer than the start of where they’d been.
And my eyes overflowed.

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