Sunday, 29 January 2012

Googling Google and other information

Over the past few days I've been getting emails, texts and notifications, some at unearthly hours of the morning - as I'm sure every internet user has about Google policies.

I've skim read the information as it's arrived - and lost interest after the first few lines. 
Is this something I need to read the very 'small print' of or is it just something that will happen and won't particularly effect the likes of me as a regular user of Google search ?

Facebook 'timelines', Twitter upgrading to new versions, Amazon recommending what I should read and iplayer giving me suggestions of what to watch, it's hardly surprising that I find it difficult to find time to write.
Of course I could tap away on the laptop without considering the internet at all until I'm ready to email something. But that would mean a long list of 'research' topics to look up later and anyone who knows me knows my aversion to lists.
Text me, email me, Facebook me or tweet me if you have any suggestions. 

Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm old - it's official !

I look it and more days than not I feel it. The signs have been there, for as long as I can remember (!). Poor memory, going to the fridge and losing my way across the kitchen, agreeing with everything that's said on "Grumpy Old ... ". Aches and pains and body protesting at the simplest of tasks. 
But now it's official (according to research done by the Dept for Works and Pension)  
Old age begins at 54. 

This has been a bit of a shock to me today, despite the signs, because it seems I have been in old age for almost 6 months now. If I remember rightly, which I probably don't, last birthday I received a few jokey cards on an old age theme along with the ones with flowers and dogs and things, but I've been getting those for a number of years now, but  no one sent me a "Welcome To Old Age " card specifically announcing this milestone in my life. 
Now I would have thought that with the recession and all the cutbacks, that the DWP might have better things to spend their money on than a survey like this. We all know that we are living longer and there are more "old" people than ever before. As the government itself is increasing the age of retirement, it seems strange to produce statistics that tell us at what age we actually leave our youth behind and become old.

Anyway, despite it seeming to be true more to me because I have seen it written down, I don't think I need it confirming in black and white. I have just half an hour ago ran a bath and then got into it with my pants on.
Of course I was just multi-tasking, washing clothes and washing self at the same time ... ...