Tuesday, 23 September 2008

How do you know when it's the giving up point?

Yeah - another depressing title for a discussion, sorry, but how DO you know?

I have never been one for giving up on anything - but seems like I have to this time. I am not talking about writing here, in the big scheme of things, writing is just writing - if it gets read it gets read, if it doesn't then it doesn't. Am talking about people, and life stuff ...and yes I have a new grandson 2 weeks old today...and 3 other beautiful grandchildren and a wonderful family, so I am lucky.
But is this world a place to bring them into? Are there really any genuinely honest people - seems its difficult to find them. Lies destroy the soul of the liar and the dig deep into the mind of the listener.
How far do you go on fighting for a cause that you believe in - till your death ? Regardless of your health and regardless what your family say ?Are we responsible enough for the well being of the next generation - or should we just push a button now and have done with it.

Too many questions and not enough time to answer. At the moment, whatever I say is either preaching or being hypocritical it seems to some people.
So today I pose the questions.
Has anyone any answers?

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