Sunday, 7 October 2018

Grandma - See You On the Flip Side

She lived a long and beautiful life, as beautiful as herself. Full of love and grateful to the world. A true Angel; the best Grandma anyone could wish for.  I am truly thankful she was ours💕🦋

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing us to have the best grandma ever !

A friend as well as a gran, who was always there for us, even at the end when at 93 you'd think she would be a bit selfish and cantankerous, and definately be entitled to, but no.

Only 2 weeks ago I was moaning to her about all the mundane jobs I had to do before work - the ironing and washing etc. and she placed her hand over mine and said, "Don't worry, you can do it" !

Bless her. 
One of her most known phrases was "sorry for being a nuisance". Always thinking she's a nuisance when she's not ; she couldn't have been any less trouble if she tried and it was a privilege to be able to spend the last 3 years just down the road from her.

As children, we longed to just nip and have a cuppa tea and some cake with her, but distance meant we couldn't, not as often as we'd have liked. But when we did, it was a holiday to look forward to, especially as it was at the seaside. We would have trips to the beach, go out for lunch and even take part in activities at the church which she loved so much.

She had such good humour and we have so many memories from singing and dancing in the garden to a cuddle and a quiz on the sofa.

One memory from not long ago is when we visited at Christmas with our kids. She came galloping into the lounge with some antlers on making reindeer noises, which amused us all, not only the children. 
Just one of many memories we have to remember how much fun she was.

So thank you Grandma, you're the best and we will love and miss you forever.

Until we meet again - See you on the flip side xxx


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