Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pantomime season starts early again at Maltby Town Council

Well, here we go. This blog that wasn't going to be particularly political has turned out to be political again ..even if just for this week up to the elction. I have posted on Politics in the Rother Valley about the latest round of leflets/non leaflets. I really think we must be being persuaded by the big 3 and the TV.
Anyway - Maltby Town Council.
What can one say.
Thursday was the finance meeting where things like er,,finance were supposed to be discussed.
It was difficult to work out who was who and who was campainging for what amidst the noise and rumpus coming from cllrs and public alike. A prospective Independant candidate was shouting across the table to tell councillors what to say whilst haveing converstion with 2 PCSO's regarding some councillors personal finance ! You seem very open and transparent Mr Independent not - dont think I will vote for you.
As for the rest of the meting - the chair mumbles into a so called microphone that no one can understand what on earth is being discussed. What a waste of time and space.
The only positive that seemed to come out of the meeting is that the lamp from the Crossley Memorial is to be renovated. We'll see.