Friday, 24 April 2009

Please Don't Feed The Birds

RE: Letters to Rotherham Advertiser, page 2, Friday 24th April, 2009

Thankyou Don Buxton, for your detailed and interesting ornithological information, in your letter.
Some of the birds mentioned I have not actually seen in the flesh - specifically the Tennesse Mountain Bird , which I have no choosing to see, I may add. Others I have had glimpses of in my day to day doings and can confirm your descriptions of their behaviour.
The Bumbling Bee Down Sat Parachuting Bird, though may be rarely seen in Wickersley of late, is VERY prevalent in Maltby. I had occasion only yesterday to happen on this creature in the MTC offices, and I have to say that experiencing the spreading of it's enormous wings, as you describe is a sight to behold. On this occasion the spreading of it's wings was not in preparation for descent, but in show of it's delusional assumption of power and intimidation. The meeting of this bird is not for the faint hearted, and I would suggest that initiates to watching RMBC's feathered community, take along a fellow "twitcher".
(I understand that this term is used for bird watchers but I find that it is a suitable name for myself when talking to the Bumbling Bee Down Sat Bird - my whole body seems to twitch at the sheer exertion needed to stay restrained and appear calm)

Thanks Dave Haywood for speaking out in the paper (after a long break, due I feel to a period of "Why on earth should I bother anymore with MTC and RMBC when they have messed me and my community around for so long at such great extent" syndrome) Well expressed comments Dave, which I am sure the Chair of MTC will apreciate, as do many, for your concern.

And finally.... Cllr Peter Thirwall is conspicuous in his absence from the Advertiser this week - a sad situation.I can only presume that Mrs T was entirely satisfied with his decoration of the bedroom and has now set him on with other household tasks, to occupy his free time.
Good luck, Peter. As we know, a good degree of labour is a blessing to the heart and soul !

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