Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A vote for judge and jury ?

I have been considering the views of The Jury Team party.

This is in an effort to find some party that I can vote for whose policies I can believe in. The party leader is Sir Paul Judge. Surely someone with a name like that can make a success of a new political party, especially as he is a "multimillionaire businessman" and intends to "clean up politics". The Guardian thinks that announcing that your leader is a multimillionaire business man is not, in current times, the best way to inspire confidence - and I think I agree on that one !

But I suppose any party needs money to get going - though apart from leafletting and hiring halls to speak to people in, I can't see what else you would need to spend money on.Has anyone any views on The Jury Team? I am still "out" on this one, which is sort of appropriate given the name.I hope I am not going to waste my vote because there is no one worth voting for.... then I would have to keep my views to myself until the next election , and that wouldn't be easy !


The Role of an MP

Two Maltby constituents went to see Kevin Barron at his surgery at Dinnington, on Saturday 23rd May. They are concerned about the situation in Maltby Town Council and want Mr Barron’s advice and support about what can be done to sort out the problems. Mr Barron acknowledges that the situation is bad, though appears to think that the only problems are due to the ex Town Clerk, David Morton, scenario. As we well know, this is a sorry state of affairs, but there are numerous other problems too.

So guess what the Rt. Hon. Kevin Barron MP is going to do to help these two constituents help the residents of Maltby ? If you think “nothing” then you are absolutely right.

Mr Barron states that he has many views on what is happening in MTC and he will speak of these views “when the time is right”, but to him, that is not now. In fact, the time will be right according to him only when he knows for sure that tax payers money is being spent incorrectly, or too much is being spent.
A commendable statement perhaps, if he was actually investigating a more than one sided dispute. A plausible response, if this was the only concern. But what of the councillors abuse to the public and each other? What of the “training” that is allegedly in process, lead by Mr Tim Mumford ? What of the Freedom of Information requests that have been put to Maltby Town Council and either returned with incorrect information or ignored completely? Apparently, none of this is Kevin Barron’s responsibility.
He will try to ensure that RMBC Legal Dept. reply to letters recently sent to Mr Mumford. He will not reply to one of his constituents letters about MTC as everything will “go on the blog”. Which blog this is, Mr Barron does not state. Clearly it’s not his own as he hasn’t even got a website. But whichever it is, why is he afraid that information will be available for the public to see ?

There is a leaflet on the table in Kevin Barron MP’s surgery, which says:
“MP’s can help their constituents by advising on problems (particularly those that arise from the work of government departments), representing the concerns of their constituents in Parliament and acting as a figure head for the local area”.

A figure head for the local area ? Maybe. A figurehead for selfishness, lack of openness and transparency with his constituents and a patronising attitude that personifies the political party he represents.
Thanks for nothing, Mr Barron. You and half of Maltby Town Council go well together.