Friday, 9 May 2008

Concerns are continuing to grow today that the blocking of vital international aid to Burma by the military junta could lead to even greater catastrophic loss of life. There are as many as 200,000 already dead or dying with many still missing.The figure could rise to half a million through disease and hunger if the nation’sarmy rulers continued to block aid to the devastated Irrawaddy Delta area. Condoleezza Rice and the UN has called for Burma's ruling regime to accept aid in the face of the worsening humanitarian crisis.

So what are we as individuals to do in the mean time? I had my debit card at the ready last night after the advert from the Disaster's Emergency Fund on tv, asking for donations. But then I thought, if aid is not getting there is it a well timed contribution?

Of course all donations are necessary all of the time, and some aid is gettigng through but I am wondering whether to donate more than I regularly do to 2 of the charities within the DEF. Am I just being too wary of where charity donations end up or what? What do you think?