Friday, 16 July 2010

Never holiday with kids or dogs

Yesterday I was reading how a fellow blogger was bemoaning the prices of child care so that parents can work and also the ridiculous increase in prices for package holidays and flights during the school holidays. I agreed and sympathised with her. I never understood that business of "if everyone wants something then it's more expensive". To me if the demand is high then whatever it is should be cheaper. (Of course, I didn't fail my Economics O'level for nothing)

However I felt I had a solution for her and now today having assessed the situation further, I am sure of it.
I have been to look at boarding kennels for my 2 dogs while I go away for a few days. The cost of a small dog is £10.50 a day, a medium dog £11 per day. Luckily for me they decided that mine are both small and so I get a 10% discount for taking two. The kennels are great. There are regular walks and treats for good behaviour, all food is provided, there are games to play etc etc.
So.. how about all you people with kids put them in the kennels (cheaper than day care)and then the holiday for adults will be cheaper too (and no ice creams to buy and stuff). I am convinced this is the way forward for the future. I have told my dogs about their upcoming holiday and they are already looking for things to pack - though I have told them that all they need is a blanket.
Let me know how your holidays go if you try out this idea. I wish I had thought of it when my offspring were children ...