Saturday, 20 March 2010

May I renew these books, please ?

I have just been reading a news article about a library book that has been returned after 45 years. "Quatermass and the Pit" was borrowed from Dinnington library in 1965 and posted back just this month. There's clearly some interesting story behind where the book has been all this time and I hope the "returner" gets in touch with the library to explain.

This made me think of my library book borrowing habits and of how easily I could in fact have a book on loan for 45 years - with no interesting story behind it. It's not that I let them get overdue on purpose.It's more likely because I have so many books "on the go" at once. This must be something to do with having a short memory span or plain lack of concentration - it's certainly not that I am super good at multi-tasking. I am only happy if I have a pile of books on the bedside table, on the floor beside the bed and in various other piles on tables and other places around the house. Perhaps it's a security "thing" that I need enough books so that if someone decided there was never going to be any more books printed, I would still have a good supply of unread stuff to keep me going - library books and books that I have bought included.
Whatever the reason,not returning books on time has cost me. Not only financially, but in anxiety that I may not be allowed to borrow anymore !
More than once I have paid the full price of the book at the library rather than the fine - granted one of these times was because the new dog had decided to eat the cover (yes, I know, irresponsible and all that, but like I say, I like to have books easily accessible and if they are for me, then they are even more so for the dog)
I have to say that my local library is exceptional in supporting me in this bad trait that I admit too. They even didn't charge me when I borrowed a book from the hospital library during a stay there, brought it home and returned it about 3 months later (no charge, they said, you were poorly at the time - and no they were not humouring me, at least I don't think they were)
Ok, I am off to check what I have for bedtime reading tonight. Whatever it is, it will be a selection of genres. And I will check dates as soon as I remember to.

(my HTML seems to be still on the blink - so apologies for however this text turns out on the blog page)