Thursday, 12 May 2011

May I have your attention ?

Typical isn't it ...
I had a post for this blog all composed in my head and then when I set down to write I got a "Blogger is not in use at the moment" message.
By the time that I had browsed every other Google blog that I follow - and some that I don't - to see if it was a problem unique to me or if it was affecting others, I had sort of forgotten what I intended posting.

However, as I have recently read about easily distracted people having too much brain

I am not too concerned about my memory lapses, at the moment.

So, back to The New Scientist. Maybe some further insights into the fact that I have recently gained weight -it's not fat at or big bones at all, it's the extra grey matter.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thought Experiment & Diving for Pearls

Recently read Julian Baggini's "The Ego Trick". 
A brilliant book which looks at the nature of self in an entertaining and comprehensive, easily understandable way.

Definately recommended for anyone interested in exploring what it means to be 'you'.
Read and enjoy below, then buy the book.

Has inspired the following from me (200 words or less and short poem on theme of 'glass'.

Thought Experiment
Imagine yourself as created
all at once, yet perfect and whole.
But your sight has been veiled from the external.
Do your feelings then come from the soul?
As you fall without any resistance
through the void. Each body part separate, untouched.
Then reflect in the glass of experience
and affirm the existence of self.

Ref: “Floating Man” – Avicenna 
cited in "The Ego Trick" Julian Baggini

Diving for Pearls
What you see is what you get.
That’s what I used to tell people, but lately that’s not quite true. It’s seems that there are elements of myself that cannot be seen but are certainly there and almost conscious, almost tangible, but not quite.
I recount my memories and they write down my stories though I don’t really remember some of the events that I recall. They seem pleased when I describe certain things and it’s easier to go along with them than question it. It’s not my problem that they need to search for who I am.
The looking glass has always been my confirmation of that.
So I talk their language and I take their pills and now when I see more than one reflection in the mirror, it is no longer a contradiction but a truth.
They say it’s DID - Disassociate Identity Disorder.
I say, it’s only me.
I am multi-faceted. I know now that I am more than a clich├ęd thought, because there’s more to me than meets the eye.