Sunday, 29 March 2009

Letter to Kevin Barron, MP

Dear Mr Barron,

Thankyou for the Rother Valley Parliamentary Newsletter, which I received this week.
I am interested to read about the positive work that you have been doing within the Rother Valley community, including the backing of local business in Dinnington, justice for miners in their compensation payments and supporting schools in Wales, Anston and Rother Valley College. I wish you continued good luck in the future with these projects.

Unfortunately, I am very concerned that you do not feel the need to mention the major upheaval and recent discussion regarding the secondary school and primary schools within your home town of Maltby. I appreciate that your workload is great and that you must prioritise with the issues that you handle, yet, as you well know, there are currently major areas of concern on a number of issues in Maltby, Bramley and Wickersley, which mainly come under the heading of “Consultation and Acting on Public Views (or not) ”.

Your newsletter states that you “take up issues on behalf of Rother Valley residents and raise their concerns in Parliament”. Personally, I have no evidence that you respond to Maltby issues whatsoever, and my correspondence to you has not been responded to – with the exception of my request about the situation in Gaza.

You are well aware of the controversy within Maltby Town Council and Wentworth Valley Area Assembly, yet do not appear to class these issues as a concern for you as Rother Valley MP.

I am at a loss to understand your motives. When “grass roots” issues are apparently ignored by my MP, I wonder who you suggest I turn to ?

Yours sincerely,