Wednesday, 17 November 2010

One thing leads to another

Someone on Writer's Talkback yesterday, made a post about running out of milk. 
People got talking about substitutes and how they liked to have their tea or coffee. This lead onto a 'discussion' on who loves hot milk, who hates Marmite and who dunks toast in coffee. Funny how one thing leads to another.

Today I have made pasta bake and there's rather a lot left over. I wondered if the person who had ran out milk yesterday could suggest anything, rather than throwing it out.The suggestions ranged from passing it their way to freezing it. So I have searched out a plastic pot that has a reasonably fitting lid (funnily enough -  see another blog on plastic containers) I have then looked in the freezer and found a number of tubs and plastic bags containing unidentifiable concoctions. Possibly one of these was once pasta bake in another era.
So these have been removed to the bin and the new pasta bake installed. No doubt in the future it will be replaced by another tub of something.
 I have found some rhubarb though, which is well due for making into a crumble or pudding but I have run out of flour so it will have to wait. Perhaps someone could suggest a substitute for flour ? Goodness knows what a discussion that could lead to ...