Friday, 14 May 2010

The BNP - Another 2 years on

I came across the article I wrote two years ago about the BNP reposted on the net this week and thought would respond in a sort of update on what has happened - or not - since.
Two years down the line and I can report that not a lot has changed here in Maltby (suprise, suprise).Many people appear to be tactically voting just to get Labour out (which has happened nationally but never locally here!) I think what concerns people about "Independents" is that it is almost impoossible to define what an Indpedent is. In fact here in Rotherham, despite many claims that it was not going to happen it has resulted in a "Rotherham Independents Group" - note "group" not party.

Still VERY worrying I feel that in a town of around 17,000, the BNP got 810 votes. Granted these were no doubt by the people that "anonymous" speaks of that are basically ignorant thugs - not sure they are even really fascist - and hang around causing bother for bother's sake. Incidentally the pub anon speaks of is now boarded up completely - set alight and vandalised too many times by it's patrons for anyone to risk money on it.
Will Blair still spouts the same old stuff - he is not racist etc etc...just get jobs for the "whites" before giving them to snyone else. His main thing at the moment seems to be campagining for more parking in the town, which is good, but nigh on impossible.Mr Burke , Cllr Blair's side kick, didn't have a manifesto or a leaflet giving his opinion, not that I saw. But Will Blair did manage to slide some photocopied lesflets spouting the usual hatred and ignorant theories into some newsagents asking them to put them inside newspapers.Luckily not many did, but they did manage to get out into the community.
Maltby is a good place to live. I wouldn't be here otherwise. I am proud of the way my children and grandchildren are growing up to be. If only we could guarantee this in the future.

What will happen now, who is to say? Perhaps we now wait in anticipation for the squabbling to start within this new coalition government- or maybe we will have a fruitful, peaceful one. God willing.