Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gordon Brown, PM, has announced that he is going to bring in a Statutory Code of Conduct for MP's.
Excuse me while I fall about laughing a while longer, but this really is a joke.

I have a feeling it's something to do with MTC and the implementation of their Code of Conduct that amuses me so much in this matter - but then, surely the Prime Minister must get it right even if MTC and RMBC can't manage it ?
He is proposing big changes in the House of Commons…
"...people want to think that their MP is accountable to them. I will be leading this debate. I want to clean up the system." he says.. Hmm..."
There needs to be a link between the constituency and MP. People want to feel that their geographical area is represented. " He wants to be involved in his constituency too. Hmm... (clearly hasn't met Rt Hon Kevin Barron, MP for Rother Valley)
"We will have a big debate on a new constitutional settlement." Great ! But, hang on a minute - who is going to be involved in this debate ?
Well, actually it's going to be a group of people selected by the Labour Party.
Ah, I see.
Is he going to have a reshuffle in his government. Er...NO.
"People want to make their own decisions. People are voting on a party who are dealing with the matters in hand."
Exactly ! And if people have any sense at all - it won't be Gordon Brown's.To use a phrase that he has this very morning used at least 6 times within a 20 minute interview - “Wait and see “

Are we all willing to sit back and "wait and see" - nationally and closer to home ?
I'm not.