Friday, 12 February 2010

Always room for some poetry

A number of days (weeks, months ?) since I have had anything to say worth letting out of my mouth let alone put online. But as I have just been reading about the literally millions of people around the world who do a blog, I reckon no one's going to bother much about this, and after all this blog is supposed to be connected to www.write-place which is about...writing. I can't afford a therapist and the person who it is written for knows who he is.

Draw Me

Draw me a place where the sun shines all day
And the night is so warm we sleep under the sky.
Show me the warmth of the ground that we lie on
And people around us go just passing by.

Paint me a place where the air is so cold
that all water is frozen and snow falls soft to the ground.
Make it a dark sky with stars as our light
Make it as though the moon we have found.

Carve me a story that tells of us two
and only us two in a world of so much.
Cut into the wood as you cut into my soul
Turning the wood as I turn with your touch.

Sculpt me an island, a place of our own
with the beauty of animals, trees smelling sweet
Make it our place where people may visit
But mainly a place where your heart I can meet.