Thursday, 30 December 2010

To-witter or not

Twitter. Must be the buzz word of the year beating  Kindle or I-pod hands down.
I am trying it, though I can't for the life of me see the point. Another time wasting tool/activity almost certainly, but I am perfectly capable of doing that without another "application" to get to grips with.
Would I be any worse off if I don't Twitter ? Probably not and probably in my case better off as I am renowned for letting information overload get to me.

I am judging Writer's Talkback's One Word Challenge Competition this month - first time as joint judge so I could do with getting on with that instead of looking out for news on who's doing what, to arrive. I have somehow managed to be "following" Alistair Campbell (??) and I haven't the slightest interest in what he has to say. I expect the feeling's mutual but I may have to tweet something to him anyway, just for the hell of it.

Still no resolutions in mind.
Give another day and I might have "prioritise" as number one.
Feel that this one has been hanging around too long...
Suggestions welcome - via blog, text, Facebook, Email or that Twitter thing.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

On the fourth day of Christmas

It's that strange time in between Christmas and New Year where I feel I am in limbo - but I don't know what I am waiting for. 
It's officially the fourth day of Christmas, according to the song anyway. No one has given me any calling birds yet but I didn't get a partridge or any doves or  hens over the past few days either. And I am certainly not expecting any gold rings tomorrow.
With three and a bit more days to go till New Year, I suppose I could be waiting for that, if only sub -consciously. But if that's the case then I might have to think about making resolutions, and that seems a bit like putting myself under pressure to achieve something. If I don't achieve what I intended to, then this time next year I will be feeling a complete failure and I don't fancy that again !

So, no resolutions (yet) and no particular plans for the near future (yet). To be able to take each day at a time is a precious thing. At this moment that is all I hope to do. I hope it's enough.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Write-Place Blog Spot: Keeping the Peace

Write-Place Blog Spot: Keeping the Peace: "Seems like The Police have recently seen sense in the way they interpret the law - Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, to be precis..."

Keeping the Peace

Seems like The Police have recently seen sense in the way they interpret the law - Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, to be precise.

Quite rightly of course, this part of the act makes it an offence to utter ‘threatening, abusive’ words ‘to cause harassment, alarm or distress’, but new guidelines say that police officers need to be a bit more thick skinned to carry out their job effectively.
A street preacher was arrested, held for seven hours and charged with a public-order offence after he told a gay PCSO that he believed homosexuals were acting against the “word of God”. The charges have now been dropped and he has been awarded £7,000 plus legal costs in compensation and will get an apology in person from the Chief Constable.

The right to free speech allows people to express unpopular view as long as their behaviour is not unreasonable or violent so it’s about time that beliefs can be expressed which provoke debate rather than be an offence. The police bank account could have been saved a good deal too which could have been used for something more useful to the community.

         I don’t believe what the preacher said is true, but then I don’t believe in the phenomenon of “the word of God” either. We all have the right to say what we do or don’t believe, it’s when we force a belief on others that the trouble starts.

I wish everyone a happy Christmas time, whatever our beliefs and hope that the Christmas message of love and peace reaches us and stays with us - those of all religions and none.

Happy Christmas 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010


"What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do. "  

I had an email today from Sheffield Museums with this quote on it by John Ruskin. I posted it as my status on Facebook (rather rashly, maybe) and now feel I should elaborate on the sentiments. If I don’t, then I could be guilty of dwelling on things of little consequence simply by not doing something. Or would I?
My initial reaction was that yes, the “doing” is the most important thing. But on second thoughts, as most things, one is no good without the other. Doing something without believing in it or believing without thinking first, is definitely not the way to go. I must think, then decide what I believe and then base my actions on this. The results of my actions will then reflect on my future thinking and beliefs. Everything goes full circle.

And considering this, I wait with anticipation for the consequence of this blog post.