Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Newspaper Blackout

Only six hours left to make an entry in the Writers Online monthly One Word Challenge and I am struggling to produce a poem based around the word 'putrid'. The 200 word story was difficult enough but this seems to be beyond me. ( I have less than 6 hours left really, because I won't be able to stay awake till anywhere near the deadline of midnight tonight)

But then I just happen across the headline in today's news that Alastair Campbell has used the word today at the Leveson inquiry. Then, by luck, fate, chance or coincidence, my wandering mind also rests on the website of  Newspaper Blackout
Problem solved. Wonder what anyone makes of it.

(ironically this is the perfect time to use the highlighted text which I have been trying to lose for the past few posts !) |

Newspaper Blackout Poem

Take one newspaper,
Cross out words. 

Leave only those you like,
and soon you’ll have a poem,
they said.

Created from
running puddles of text 
still visible.
what others declare dead. 
enigmatic ransom notes,
funny and zen-like, 
collages of found art.

Reclaimed Reformed

from a 
putrid press industry.