Wednesday, 12 January 2011

From here to there and the bits in between


I have been watching Stewart work on this painting for a number of days now. He's saying it's the first time he's done a mural, but actually he has an unfinished one of the Lescaux cave paintings on a bedroom wall so maybe it's going to be the first completed one.

I had a reasonably good idea of how I wanted the "picture window" to look. The colours and shades were clear to me but whether I explained to the artist clearly enough, is for him to say. And so the scene has changed from blacks and greys to blues and greens and eventually to the orange and yellows of the sunset and reflections of the light on the water. It is as if the photo I had in my mind is now transposed onto the wall. It's an outstanding piece of work and very effective.

To me, the non visual artist, this achievement is incredible. If I write half as well as Stewart draws and paints, then I will be more than pleased. The journey from the start of a painting is similar to that of writing, I think. From a spark of an idea an image is formed which needs to be enlarged upon and described to the reader - the painter with paints, the writer with words. There are hurdles to get over and many changes to be made on the way, but if the end result satisfies - the painter, the writer, the viewer, the reader - then it's worth it.
Still many good reasons for me to complete the novel.
I'm working on it.

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