Thursday, 9 July 2009

Reply To "maltbynews" Propaganda - July 2009

Dear Kevin Hall,

Let’s get a few facts correct here following your “sensational” front page report and patronising editorial in today’s maltbynews.

Firstly, you state the petition to dissolve Maltby Town Council is unlikely to have the effect which it’s supporters are aiming. You also state that Mr Mumford says that it is unclear what the purpose of the petition is. I can assure you that Mr Mumford has been told perfectly clearly what the purpose of the petition is for, but that if he has told you that he is uncertain, then who’s view is it that it is unlikely to have any effect? Contradiction in terms, Mr Hall.

Then you state “ that RMBC are already undertaking a review in Maltby following the upheaval in the Town (sic) over the past six months.”WRONG.

A governance review is taking place but not following or because of any upheaval. It is happening in numerous parishes across Rotherham. Bit of a manipulation of words there, to suit a biased view.

That you have named 2 Maltby residents in your report without their permission is a breach of many rules and regulations, which the National Union of Journalists are already very interested in.

“Having initiated their action on June 1st the group garnered the 30 signatories by the end of the month” WRONG.
A letter was sent to the Assistant Chief Executive dated 1st June with 30 signatures attached. You must have misinterpreted what I said to you when you phoned me Kevin. If you hadn’t been barracking me so much in this conversation you might have remembered that I told you that the letter said that we were committed to provide the necessary petition within the next month so that a Governance Review could be organised. Have your 2 “leakers” of misinformation not told you how many representations there actually are? Apparently not - maybe because they are too busy instigating a petition themselves based on another piece of MIS information.

Your next piece of propaganda says that Mr Mumford says that IF the Town Council were to “disappear” (sic) that the current precept would be retained by RMBC, and that “most likely” the assets would also be transferred to RMBC.
“IF” is the key word here. The petitioners are not intending that to happen at all and as for what will “most likely” happen…. what a shoddy piece of speculative reporting that is !
Your description of a “Community Group” which could administer assets was hardly informative, but suited your purpose of demeaning the prospect. For your information, an option in place of Maltby Town Council is a Community Interest Company (to understand more)

And finally….
As you were so keen to unethically name members of the public in your paper, perhaps you will enlighten your readers on the “Community Group (that) has helped to facilitate the presentation of the petition”. I am unaware of any such group being involved.

Yours sincerely,
Brenda Abou El Ola

Monday, 6 July 2009

Town Clerk Post advertised at last !

We have waited 12 months here in Maltby to have the post of Town Clerk advertised, after the resignation of the former clerk, Mr David Morton.

The ex clerk has been paid off and been given an apology from MTC (not sure about what) one day and then the next day the vacant post is finally advertised . There is a "gagging order" on the "undisclosed amount" that Mr Morton has received - well, at least as I write , but who knows what can change !

The job is currently only advertised in 2 places - on an A4 sheet at the Maltby Town Council office (of which only the brave and bold dare enter) and on the "new" MTC website. As the closing date is 31st July, which is quite short and the advertising VERY sparse, this does not appear to give a range of people the opportunity to apply. Surely this could not be the intention of MTC.

For the full job description, application form and covering letter (from the self appointed voluntary, "acting financial officer", not the Chairperson) details, see

To recieve an application form...hopefully before the closing date, email

Good luck !