Saturday, 22 June 2013

There's Something About a "Real Book"

 There is something about a real book that is unique and gives such pleasure to reader and author alike.

By real book here, I mean one made of paper that you can hold in your hands, feel the pages, smell the newness of and watch grow older and change as you do.

Of course, the benefits - and drawbacks - of ebooks and digital technology is constantly discussed and the 'which is better' debate I think, will always be with us.
Most of us have our views on which is 'better' but also most of us these days appreciate that all formats of written words have their place and deciding which is appropriate for which occasion is a personal preference.

The One Word Anthology by Talkback Writers  was published as an ebook in  November 2012 by Alfie Dog Ltd  and is available there. It can also be purchased at Kobo Books and at Amazon
The authors, editors and publishers of the One Word Anthology are now very happy to announce the publishing of the real Paperback book version which is also available at Alfie Dog Ltd  and Amazon

INTRODUCTION by Jonothan Telfer, Editor, Writing Magazine and Writers Online

Article on the original idea and process of building the anthology, 
by Rosemary J Kind, Brenda Gunning and Marion Clarke in 
 January 2013 issue of  Writing Magazine

Photos of the authors in this article and biographies in the One Word Challenge Book

My contributions  - Heat, page 20   Torch, page 48   Fog, page78   Lightning, page 90

We are all very proud of the anthology, in ebook form and in paperback. For some of the authors this is their first time published. For others of us it is an extra to add to the writing CV and another achievement to congratulate ourselves on.

For some reason, many of us are extra specially pleased about this 'hard copy' version of One Word Anthology.

Hope you buy it. Sure you will enjoy it.