Saturday, 2 June 2012

Survivor - One Word Challenge entry May 2012

Writers Online One Word Challenge

              May 2012 




        They came by force into our homes                   
to tear our lives apart
with shouts of “Allah Akhbaar” 
with hard fists clutched to the heart.
While others hid in shock and fear 
and envoys talked of ways 
of making resolutions 
in the coming hours and days

I just played dead …                                              

and listened to the sounds of death and pain
not understanding how these “men”
could be so inhumane.
I heard the crack of gun shots
I felt my father’s shame 
I cursed the ones who gave birth to
the feared Shabia’s name.
Kalashnikovs and rifles, 
sharp knives of gleaming steel,
a grotesque show of atrocities,
a nightmare that is real. 
An armed militia massacres 
in an unrelenting game.
But no one is responsible 
so no one is to blame.
Ten thousand human lives wiped out 
with shells and bombs and guns.
Oh, villages of Allawite -
Pray for your murderous sons !

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Anonymous said...

A great poem, Lexia - I can see why it was selected as one of the winners in the One Word Challenge ;-)