Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bananas in Pyjamas

At the risk of boring my reader, I just wanted to say that I am on a 'pyjama theme' today - again.
There's two reasons for this 
1 I am wearing mine
2 I have been updating this blog (and attempting to change and update my website Write-Place to it's new domain Write Place
Now as my blogger/writer friends know, the process of unjumbling thoughts from your brain and transferring them to the keyboard in a format that others will understand, is not an easy task. It's difficult enough doing it in a way that you understand yourself. Hardly without you realising you are searching other websites, looking at today's TV listings, looking at what's trending on Twitter and checking Facebook to see if anyone's bothered to respond to your inane comments. I usually find myself 'phoning a friend' too.

It's a bit like looking at photographs. You intend to just look at one or a few, but suddenly you are researching not only your own family history but that of your brother's friend's uncle's grandparents who emigrated to Uzbekhistan with Sir Francis Drake (I'm not implying that Francis Drake went to Uzbekhistan, but I think you get the general idea).
 I have been looking at old posts and have gone off at a tangent and back again to something that I have blogged about before - pyjamas. I don't know if I have a phobia - positive one if there's such a thing -about pyjamas or if it's psychosomatic.  
I love pyjamas and am looking forward to wearing a new pair tonight. 

So here I am, in my pyjamas - though I have been showered - eating bananas, drinking coffee and half watching  some shopping channel on telly. Who knows what I may have purchased by the end of the day, and what a pleasant way to spend a Saturday, don't you think ?

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Baggy said...

A perfect way to spend a Saturday!